I hope you will become a frequent visitor.

So what is it and how did it come to be?

Last year, July 4, 2018, I broke my leg badly. My husband of 46 years, Lynn, declined and died of Alzheimer’s on August 24th. It left a big hole to fill. I needed something absorbing, challenging, beautiful, and fufilling.

All my life I’ve been drawn to flowers and gardening. And after experiencing the needs of seniors in assisted living, I felt I must respond. I studied. A lot. I planned. I ordered books. And seeds. And dahlia tubers. And old english roses. And lumber and soil and gravel and weed cloth and more. I was fortunate to have Ginger for a coach and Miguel and his father, and Ignatio to do the work to make it all a reality while I fussed over baby seedlings and told them to grow. It’s happening!

The goal is to sell my flowers to cover costs. Then the majority will be picked, arranged and delivered to people in assisted living facilities and shut ins who receive meals on wheels. People who need and deserve a special bouquet surprise. The space is set up as raised beds with gravel paths for easy access and there is a large area under a tree that my mother in law planted 30 years ago. There we will have classes to make art. Arrange flowers. Have lemonade and cookies. Simply enjoy the paradise of my farm. My hope is to share my gratitude for my wonderful life and for that to extend to volunteer pickers, arrangers, flower deliverers, and seniors who are confined.

In typical fashion, I planted seeds for Everything that looked feasible, fun, different or just too pretty not to. In every color. Lots of them. They succeeded. I planted out the raised beds. Guess what. Little detail of avoiding the math to figure out how many plants go in how much space. Hmm. The upper pasture will be tilled, amended and planted in flowers. Abundance. Bigger flower farm.

I am blessed to have a rich life in paradise. I will start a blog to share snippets of my often funny experiences with a pack of basset hounds, two old horses and a big flock of chickens. There will also be postings on my facebook page, 4th Quarter Farm: Flower of the Week on Mondays and Farm Fridays.

I hope you will join me on this colorful journey and celebrate growth and change. Flowers and love and connection.